USC Championship Cup (Available Now!)

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*Officially licensed products to support the ProgressWorks mission

The Blingware 24oz Championship Cup is constructed of premium injection moulded copolyester with a die-cast alloy metal replica football championship ring embedded into the cup. The football championship ring is positioned so that the user can slide their finger through the ring as they are holding the cup, giving the effect that the user is wearing the championship ring while enjoying a hot or cold beverage. Blingware is the perfect cup to bring to your next tailgate or give as a gift. 


Utilizing one of the top of the line plastics on the market Eastman’s Tritan copolyester Blingware is unmatched in the commemorative drinkware space in both quality and design. Tritan is BPA-free plastic, extremely impact-resistant and our products are manufactured in the USA.


Embedded into every Blingware cup is a custom designed, die cast alloy replica championship ring for the specifically licensed league, team or player. The highly detailed rings are jewel encrusted and mounted to the cup utilizing our patent pending Anchor Mounting technology.


Blingware's USC Championship Cup celebrates all 11 National Championships - commemorating the Trojan legacy, passion and tradition. Fight On!